E50 E50 Diesel Survival Kit


E50 Owner

All modifications to the E50 3.0 diesel NEO that are recommended for better and more controllable performance.

Since installing these necessary mods, the vehicle has been performing better and better every day and I’m now getting more mpg from 24ish around town to over 35mpg on a journey. She also pulls with great torque so acceleration is fantastic compared to what it was like when first purchased. I would recommend these mods to get the best out of your E50 diesel.

Blocking off the EGR valve.

From ebay £4ish.

Simple just unscrew, take the old one out and fit this one.

Fit Manual Boost controller £14.99


As in the video but there is a small hole in the boost controller that needs blocking. I just used insulation tape for the moment. Also don’t tighten up the screw much at all or you will bend the small spring inside. You can see that the screw is almost all the way out bar a few turns. This is adjusted with the Boost gauge which is set to give maximum boost of 10psi.

You have to bore and tap a hole in the inlet pipe as in the video to connect the vacuum hose to. I think it was 5/8. Get the connector from the same place as the hoses. This gives you the boost reading that the gauge needs.

Fit Boost Gauge £60.


This is a must or you will not know what your car is boosting and you will not be able to adjust the manual boost controller to a safe level.

I managed to find a way through the drivers side wheel arch to get inside the car by the back of the accelerator pedal flooring for the cable. Took the + and – from the battery to a switch so I could have control, but someone with more knowledge of wiring connections could wire it in to the ignition so it comes on automatically with the key.

Fit an Oil Catch Can preferably one that has a filter.


I was lucky to get given my filter which works great at catching the oily vapour and I now have clean hoses and a clean intake. The one I have, apparently came from a Forecourt Fuel pump that had been removed as part of a service and was being thrown away. I got a new inside filter from a car parts wholesalers and the elbows and hoses from a Hose and Pipe suppliers. Works great. I don’t think I will need to change the filter for years. To empty, I lift it out of the holder (a piece of Pipe from B&Q from a toilet fitting that has a rubber sleeve and fits quite snug) and unscrew the piece on the bottom. Put a small bowl under to catch the fluid and discard with any other old oil.

Hose connections for the routing to and from the Oil catch can. 2 x required.


I also add 700ml of 2 stroke mineral motorcycle oil to the fuel tank whilst filling up from empty. I read that it lubricates the fuel pump and the car certainly sounds quieter.

I also changed the engine oil and oil filter also from eurocarparts 3 times in a few months and a couple of thousand miles. Now it seems to be staying clear for longer.


Also removed all the intake pipes to and from the Turbo, Intercooler and intake manifold and cleaned all the crap out. Cleaned the intake throttle with


And cleaned the Mass Airflow Sensor with CRC Air Sensor clean (after removing it first), removed the intercooler and cleaned it by submerging it in petrol and then swishing it about and leaving it for a few days to dry, before blowing it through with a hair dryer. I also sprayed a bottle of Revive Turbo Cleaner & Power Restorer through the intake hose just after the MAS using a 2ltr plant pressure sprayer purchased at Home Bargains for £4. and changed the fuel filter.

from ebay

5534 laser Revive Turbo Cleaner & Power Restorer REFILL 750ML Bottle

I now know that everything is clean and is as good as new!

After all the above I have confidence in the E50 3.0 diesel NEO engine and feel that performance is as it should be, maybe better now the Boost controller is installed. Hope this helps all members with the same engine.