All DAB advice needed please


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To be honest @Alan Morgan it's been performing really well lately - mostly town driving - & I do like it's simplicity. I just wouldn't like to recommend it on the forum unless it was 100% & last time I looked the price had gone up too the cheeky devils .

I think by the time they get their act together with DAB, most people will have some sort of wi fi set up in their cars anyway.

I will probably go down the mobile data route in future but even then I'll keep this little unit working for local driving because it starts playing as soon as you turn the ignition on - no need to wait for phones/tablets to boot up or connect. For longer journeys I wouldn't mind spending a few minutes setting things up.

The on-glass aerial looks like a nice little stocking filler from Mrs Morgan to Mr Morgan this Christmas. :);)


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I have now got rid of my DAB. I had a Pure Highway 600 and the reception was utter rubbish. It came with a flexible stick on aerial that i didn't rate at all. I would personally save my cash and not buy a seperate adaptor again.