E51 Cracked/peeling chrome grill on 2005 HWS


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Any top tips on renewing chrome on my front grill? Shocked at how poor it looks. Paint is looking fantastic (black pearl), but my eye is always drawn back to the grill!
Would I be better sourcing another? Getting it sprayed/wrapped??


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The shape is too complex to wrap to any decent level - definitely in one piece at least.

Respray - in a silver to contrast bodywork imho - or hydrodip are best options.

After the dip the item is sanded back and lacquered.

Last time I got quotes it was quite pricey in comparison to normal paint so only worth it if you’re going for a “design” imho. Prices might have come down though as a few more people seem to be offering the service now.


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Ball park figure from local dippers is £200.... grill from breaker about £50 but may have same chrome peeling issue....
I was quoted 150 for re chrome for grill ,doubt I could get a second grill at breakers for less than a hundred ,I used stick on chrome to change look of mine abit ,I would guess alot of chrome parts will be in bad shape ,espo at breakers