Centre console lights, blue door lights, fuse location

Bob Owens

E51 Owner
I have a fog lamp fitted to my E51 Elgrand
It blew the other day. The centre console lights seem to be on the same fuse, they went at the same time

I replaced a blown 15 amp fuse, which looks like the audio fuse. Replaced, audio working.

But I still don't have any orange centre console lights, or the blue interior door front lights
I have the lights for the speedo/rev/petrpol etc, just not anything else (no lights on the climate control etc)
all the switches work, and the interior white door lights work
Any idea which fuse or where the fuse might be?

I suspect the fog lamp is after market, so knowing where the interior blue door light fuse/centre console orange button lights might cure this

I understand that I have three fuse boxes. Engine bay, driver side, behind card holder and nearside panel, under the power windows, at the back
any suggestions?


Bob Owens

E51 Owner
Ok, took out the front panel, and found that the fog light was being powered by the purple/crimson with silver dots
It draws 2 amps, and explains the fuse blow
Will put on the main junction with a blade a fuse
So the purple/crimson with silver dots, anyone know how that is powered


Here for life
E51 Owner
On a standard e51 your fog lights are fused in engine bay ipdm behind slider cover at around 15amps.
Your cab lights are fused in the drivers fuse compartment.
As you have aftermarket fogs anything is possible depending on the mind set and knowledge of the fitter.
If i was you bob id be tempted to follow the fog light cables and refit them completely as it sounds like something somewhere is adrift they sound be fused at around 15A.
Do you have the factory fog light switch on the indicator stalk ( models without factory fitted fogs dont usually have the fog light switch on the stalk) or has someone you fitted a on/off switch on the panel near the driver? If so the may have piggy backed your cab light fuse on the drivers fuse panel which may be a good place to start.
Hope that helps mate

Bob Owens

E51 Owner
its definitely after market fit, Its a switch added into the cabin, not on the stalk
Its only one red light at the back with a rocker switch next to the driver, where the side door opener is. They hacked into the wiring loom, to jump the light from the purple/crimson/silver dots cable
Its a horrible hack, I am refitting, and will isolate them on their on fuse to the cabin fuse box

sadly i don't know yet how to get the cabin lights working again, the fuse is good, and most of the lights are working. I will try re powering the circuit, at the point it was hacked, from a jump, to see if there is life left in the circuit. #
I might get lucky, if so there is a break somewhere, probably a terminal got cooked by the lights drawing too much power.

oh hum


Here for life
E51 Owner
Sounds like something has cooked.
Does your overhead map lamps and cabin lamp work?
Side step lamps? (N/s side step lamp is controlled by rear cab ipdm by the way)

If i was you id fuse your fogs via the engine bay ipdm not the driver fuse panel.

Bob Owens

E51 Owner
I hear what you are saying, I do agree, but its only a small 2 amp fog light, so using a spare slot should be OK, for now.
I have a relay, and will wire it it via the lights, but time is pressing, so for now, I have taken a spare slot, and run it of the cabin fuse board, with a 5 amp fuse, direct to the switch. Isolated. Finally.
I put power onto the blue/crimson silver dotted line and my lights on the centre console and my doors are back up.

Finding the fried terminal will have to wait for now. I have the workshop manual coming so I can find out where it all goes. I will need a weekend to chase it down.
Basically, I'm out of time and need it working this evening. I believe that the van is safe to drive.
At least i understand the issue now, and can fix it properly once I have a spare weekend