Blackpool meet 24/10/2015


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A cracking day out, with some great people!! Great to chat with some new and old faces, and have look around all the Elgrands on display :)
Met up, around 12.30, with a number of people and their cars, before heading our separate ways for food and drink.
We took the opportunity to take the kids down to the front, and a stroll on the piers, before re convening with the others for more chats and ready for the lights drive through.
A few pics I had on my phone, got a few more group one's on my camera that I'll try n get up soon!
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Thank you to everyone for coming. Sorry we arrived a little late and didn't get much chance to talk to people, but at least I got the chance before we set off for the lights.

Shame our youngest didn't want to play ball though and screamed almost all the way through :(

Didn't get back until nearly 23:00 so kids straight to bed followed very quickly by us.


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Looks like you all had a good time. Hopefully we can sort a SW meet one day.

Who has the Largo? I was looking at one before I went for the Elgrand.


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We all had a lovely afternoon out, and the kids always love Blackpool! Next time, we should avoid half term. We were there a couple of weeks ago and it was nowhere near as busy as last night, so we stand a better chance of keeping together in convoy! It all sort of went a bit Pete Tong when we tried to join the prom!